Why is evolution theory undeniable?

For many religious people, evolution theory is a highly contentious issue. I am often asked by many people about how to make sense that a complex life on earth, as well as our very presence, could possibly be the result of successive and minor changes in other organisms. How is that possible that a noble and intelligent human being is somehow related to, say, a chimpanzee? Who could see a kindred spirit to that little ape? (more…)

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A little game

I have a little game called: where do you want to go for vacation?:
Mountain, or Beach.
Then we will have discussion on reasons and when we will do it, et cetera..

My two sisters which are both adventurous chose beach as “Sunny, vast horizon and many things to play with”. My cousin chose Mountain, and why? : “So I can sleep all day”.

For my husband, he returned the question to me, asking which one did I choose. When I said Mountain, he said: “Then Mountain”.

Hmmm..My guess is he just avoided the cliche to say:
“Anywhere will do, as long as be with you”.


purple morning

purple morning

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Keliling Dunia

…tertulis sribu kata
dan kuungkap semua yang sedang kurasa
dengarkanlah kata hatiku
bahwa ku ingin untuk tetap disini

autumn leaves

autumn leaves

tak perlu lah aku keliling dunia
biarkan ku disini

tak perlu lah aku keliling dunia
karena ku tak mau jauh darimu

dunia boleh tertawa
melihat aku bahagia
walau di tempat yang kau anggap tak biasa
biarkanlah aku bernyanyi
berlari berputar menari disini

tak perlu lah aku keliling dunia
karena kau di sini

tak perlu lah aku keliling dunia
kau lah segalanya bagiku
di dunia…

harusnya dikirim pas anniversary ke-4:)
however, i think any day will do just to say i love you:)

-the song is from gita gutawa:tak perlu keliling dunia

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Are We Alone?

ufo1When I was small, my wildest fantasy would be sighting a UFO. Honestly, I was very passionate about the possibility that there are some aliens out there, technologically more advanced and more superior to us, the feeble earthlings. I eagerly grabbed any books about this extraterrestrial life or read testimonials of people abducted by aliens. I could spend hours just looking up at the sky, who knows I might catch their spacecrafts there. Some people got some sights, some took pictures of them, so I could be lucky too. I even read a book telling a story about advanced civilization underneath the earth, wow. I admit that there was a time I prayed to God, hoping that I could be given the chance to see them hahahaha. Well, such mystery is truly captivating millions of people like me.

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Warriors of Love

Being the most popular rock band in Indonesia, Dewa always found millions of followers easily. Their tunes are quite catchy and their melodies are superb, and everyone like me could get addicted to their songs easily. Domination of Dewa on Indonesian music is far from the foreseeable future.

Yet what if they try to send a message through their songs?

That’s exactly what they are doing, they send message of unity and love. Having seen awful damage done by irresponsible individuals and extremist groups throughout the archipelago, they decided to fight the extremist group head on. (more…)

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Consensual Sex

Why did I find this topic amusing? Well, to give you a little update, it is currently quite an issue in Germany where a brother and a sister were intimately in love and ultimately develop sexual relationship. They were doing it with the full consent of each other and as a result they had four children. Unfortunately under German Law, incest is illegal and punishable by law. The brother was convicted to two year jail and is appealing for the sentence. The lawyer adamantly defended his client, stating that the law was quite old-fashioned (dates back to 1871) and a form of intrusion to the private lives of its citizens. Basically it was love (and sex) between fully consenting adults and they were not harming anyone, argued the incestuous siblings. You can read the story from BBC here.

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My Woman

I could not get this song out of my head, it is so simple but it touches my feeling and reminds me of my loved one. This is the soundtrack of the latest movie hit in Indonesia, Heart. The singer, Irwansyah, is also the leading actor in the movie. This video clip is not official, I don’t think it is released yet. Well, don’t blame me if you get addicted to this puppy-love song, celebrating your high school days ;). And don’t forget to buy the CD.


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Unfair Contract

“Madam, we would like to give you a new contract that you have to sign in. The house that you currently reside in will be shared by other person” said the property manager.

She could not believe what she heard, “Wait a minute, didn’t I buy this house already? I did make a full payment upfront. I own this house and I live here” she exclaimed.
“That is true, we understand that this house indeed belongs to you. However, after careful consideration, we realize that we could simply make more profit by reselling this house to another prospective home owner. We also thought that by bringing new owner this house will be better taken care of”.

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